Raptor Gaming Mouse

Firstly our order was placed using our Amazon Prime service and the well packaged product was received the very next day.

Packaged in “Certified Frustration-Free packaging” it comes in a small quality brown box that is indeed easy to open but more importantly environmentally friendly with no excess plastic packaging or paperwork. It simply has the mouse, a credit card sized data sheet and 2 year warranty card which instils confidence that you are buying a quality product.  On registering this also gives you free Tecknet 5 star membership.

I have been using the mouse with a desktop computer for emails, office documents, updating social media and online gaming.

I initially chose the mouse because of its’ striking appearance in red/black but it has proved itself in function as well. On opening we found that it had a nice strong braided lead but the mouse itself initially looked a little plasticy and didn’t look that comfortable with so many angles. However, it actually fits my hand very nicely. Of the two thumb buttons on the left hand side, the back button is nicely situated and the front button is a little more awkward for me with a large hand but may not be for someone else with different sized hands. This was not a problem for me though as I only use the back button.

The left and right buttons have a positive feel, not too loose. The scroll wheel is like a car tyre which gives it a nice grip. It can also be used as a button which is easy to use. There is a button on top of the mouse which changes dpi to various settings but the button does not interfere with use.  The mouse tracks smoothly.

This is appealing to all ages with its’ space age look and would make a nice gift or just as buying for yourself.  It also available in a metallic brown colour.

I was very pleased, especially for it’s price, it is a very useable mouse and I would recommend this product.

At the time of purchase the mouse was £19.99.

Product link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B001ASIGZM


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