Luxe Elixir Face Powder Highlighting and Contour Kit

The kit comes in a hygienic shrink wrapped hard plastic shell case that had further outer packaging of a card sleeve illustrating the colours inside and ingredients. Inside the sleeve there is also a guide of how to contour. The whole package looks very classy meaning it would be perfect for gifting. Personally I feel that the how to guide was far too small as each page was marginally bigger than a credit card and opted for You Tube tutorials instead.

There are 6 shades meaning you will find something to suit.  It’s certainly not as easy to use as the professionals make it look but I like that it is a powder rather than a cream. Us girls had a few goes with it and still have a way to go to perfecting the look but that is down to technique rather than product.

The case is the perfect size for your handbag. We liked the product. Luxe Elixir also offer a lifetime money back guarantee. My only criticism was the size of the guide.

UPDATE after never managing to master the art of contouring I continued to use as a cream eye shadow and was very happy with the product

Product link:


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