Men’s Reversible Belt Real Leather Classic Style 35MM

After years of buying cheaper belts that are ok for a while but end up splitting, you get to realise that this is something that you really do need to spend that bit more on, and it really does need to be made of real leather to get long-time usage from it. Unfortunately our young adult sons are not in a financial position to go and spend the same on a belt as they would on a pair of shoes, so buying this was a great opportunity to get a quality product at a reasonable price.

As the belts are on Amazon Prime we were able to order and receive next day. The package arrived in a secure box. On opening I was amazed to see that the belt was packaged in a shrink wrapped gift tin. The tin itself is stylish and of good quality in a matt black finish with a silver logo. The belt is then further protected in two layers of logod tissue paper. The entire packaging makes it perfect to gift someone.

The belt is 35mm wide making it thin enough to fit in the waistband of all jeans and comes in sizes from 34 to 48 with 5 punched pin holes which gives you another 100mm flexibility in length. The end of the belt has a neat tapered edge.  The buckle is heavy duty in chrome with nice clean lines. As this belt is reversible the buckle has a clasp underneath so that you can take it off to turn the belt around. This is very stiff and I needed to use the edge of a screwdriver to lift it – this is not a negative point as you obviously want something secure to hold your belt buckle in place. Reversing the belt to the alternating colour was then easy just by pulling out and threading back through with the opposite colour.  The colour options on this belt were brown and black. The black is a matt and textured and the brown feels smoother and has a more mottled colour effect. The leather is extremely soft  and very well stitched on both edges.

The seller also gives tips on care for your leather to prolong its’ lifetime and keep it looking good.

I would recommend this belt.



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