Landmark Moments Baby Cards

On seeing them advertised on Amazon I thought they were a lovely alternative to the traditional baby book that we had when our children were babies and our parents had when we were babies ourselves.  Yes you had one too, the sort that everyone starts with the best of intentions then real life gets in the way and you own a half completed book.

This pack is a modern take on that baby book. The idea is that at each stage of the baby’s life you write the date on the card and photograph the baby with that card so the milestone and date is recorded. Of course you can then print off to keep and/or share on social media with your friends and family.

There are 38 cards which come in a resealable plastic pack. Each card has lovely child friendly illustrations and marks such occasions as first crawl, first walk, first day at the park, etc as well as ages. The cards are fairly thick. They are described as laminated but I would be inclined to describe them as glossy finish as I don’t think you could not write on them then wipe clean again.

That said, I am absolutely delighted with these and would recommend them. I am giving as a gift to some family members who are expecting their first baby shortly.

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