Fresh Clean Manly smell

L’Oreal Men Expert Fresh Extreme Anti-Perspirant Deodrant 48H Dry Non-Stop
Ice cool effect

This antiperspirant deodorant comes in a well made can with a quality plastic nozzle that is easy to press down to release the fine spray. The nozzle is protected by a plastic dust cap.  Instructions to shake well and spray 15cms away from the skin is clearly printed on the back as well as cleaning instructions should the nozzle get blocked. The can itself is a good size with 250ml of contents.

The fragrance I tried had a shower fresh clean but manly scent that wasn’t overpowering. As the spray comes out as more of a fine mist it doesn’t choke you like some other deodrants.

I applied after a shower in the morning and it did keep me dry for normal day-day tasks and during work in hot kitchens as a chef. I did sweat during a gym session but would not expect to remain dry during those activities. I applied again after a shower following my gym session so cannot test it’s 48 hour claim as I always shower at least twice a day due to the nature of my job and working out at the gym.

I was satisfied at the performance of this deodorant and really loved the smell so yes would use again.

I received my can of Expert Fresh Extreme Deodrant free from L’Oreal Paris Men in exchange for an honest review



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