Byron DB301 30m Wireless Portable Door Chime Kit with 1 Sound

We actually ordered this by mistake as we were looking for a replacement for a plug in wireless doorbell that we already owned. We came across this and as it looked the same we purchased it. On arrival we saw our mistake and that it is indeed wireless but not a plug in electric one. However, it really didn’t matter as it takes 3 x AA batteries (not supplied) which are cheap enough to replace when they wear out. It did come with the battery in the door bell push.

We have our receiver towards the back of the house which is 3 rooms back from the door bell push and have had no problems with the sound transmitting to that room. It has a loud ding dong sound.

The receiver has a moulded clip on the back for fixing but we just have it sitting on top of the cupboard out the way.

Perfect especially for the £5.99 price tag. Happy with purchase.
Ordered on Amazon Prime Saturday evening and item was delivered on Sunday.


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