Surcare Cares

I started to use Surcare Laundry Liquid after my sister recommended it to me telling me it had made a dramatic improvement to her skin. As a sufferer I was keen to try and as a mother I am always on the lookout for products that don’t contain any artificial nasties that will be better for my children and the environment but obviously I need something that will do the job and get things clean. I am very happy with the results from this non-bio liquid, and have no need to additional softeners. It is easy to use, just pouring into the lid to measure a dose then straight into the washing machine door. I like the bottle size as it fits perfectly into my cupboard. I like the design of the bottle too with blue skies and fresh green grass, it’s particularly cheery to see on these grey days and is more likely to make you pick it up in store.

It is normally £3 a bottle in most supermarkets but it is quite often on offer and I tend to stock up as I use an awful lot of it and the machine is on at least once a day usually twice.

It’s encouraging to know that it has been awarded Allergy UK’s Seal of Approval which is a great advertising feature and would appeal to me if I wasn’t already a fan but to be honest, it has spoken for itself and has the thumbs up from me on the effect it has on my skin and that of one of my son’s who has bad excema.



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