Creamy Halloween Pumpkin Soup (with bacon optional)

Halloween Creamy Pumpkin Soup (with bacon optional) – 5/6 servings

 1 kg pumpkin flesh grated

2 carrots grated

1 potato grated

1 onion diced

4 slices of bacon diced (optional)

Garlic or dried minced garlic

Salt and pepper to season

150ml cream (optional)

  1. Fry off the diced onion in a little olive oil in a large saucepan
  2. Add in some garlic and diced bacon (optional) and fry for a couple of minutes
  3. Add all the grated vegetables, 1 litre of vegetable stock and salt and pepper to season
  4. Bring to the boil then cover and simmer lightly for about half an hour, stirring when needed
  5. Remove from heat and use a hand blender or electric blender to puree it all together into a fine creamy consistency.
  6. Stir in 150ml of cream and simmer for a few more minutes (I used Millac Gold single cream but I have seen recipes that suggest double) Cream is optional as the vegetables alone make a creamy consistency but this just adds some extra richness to the flavour.
  7. Pour into bowls, sprinkle over some roasted pumpkin seeds or croutons and serve.


One thought on “Creamy Halloween Pumpkin Soup (with bacon optional)

  1. donothush November 2, 2015 / 8:13 pm

    I usually hate pumpkin.. And soup… But this changed my mind! Its amazing! Thank you😃


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