The Snack Organisation presents….. indulgent looking affordable snacks

I’m always on the lookout for new snacks for the family, and as we’re trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle these bags of freeze dried fruits interested me. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but got a surprise opening the first pack (apricot) noticing that they resembled little pieces of honeycomb.  On biting into them you get that sweet but unmistakeable tangy flavour of apricots, and they can indeed be counted as one of your five a day as they are 100% natural, but the texture fools your body into thinking it’s getting something decidedly naughtier.  They are so versatile too as they can be eaten straight out the bag, so nice and easy when you’re on the go, or they can be added to smoothies and yogurts and ice-cream when you want a bit more of a treat.

They have a lovely long use by date (not that they’ll last long if your family like them as much as mine). Suitable for Vegetarians and Gluten Free too.

As for the rice crackers, we’ve had these when you feel like being a bit more indulgent. The Teriyaki are your standard rice cracker flavour that you are very likely to get carried away and not know when to stop, so easy to devour with a nice crispy crunchy texture.  The sweet chilli have far more kick for those of you who like more of a spicy flavour. I put these out at a recent party and they attracted lots of positive attention.

So aside from getting it totally right with the texture and flavours, The Snack Organisation Presents…  have come up trumps with the price and packaging. I think you’ll agree both look far more expensive than the mere £1 a packet that are being charged for in the shops which makes them ideal for parties and giving as gifts – they would make a great addition to any Christmas Hamper that you might be making this year.

Available in Tescos and Sainsburys for only £1  a pack!



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