Summer Fruits Breakfast Cake

As part of a health kick we are all trying to eat that bit better. It’s not always easy to make food interesting and healthy but we’ve enjoyed this today as an alternative breakfast.  To make, I’ve melted a little #Kerrygold butter into a pan and cooked off some oats until they soften and are starting to bind together. I pressed the mix hard into some flan cases and when cooled, topped with some #CollectiveDairy live gourmet yogurt (Raspberry and Rhubarb are perfect for this) and popped in the freezer for 1/4 hour. I then topped with a selection of delicious berries and served. I hope you will try it really is delicious and looks as good as it tastes.

I am a member of #TescoOrchard I get to trial products. The new cherries and berries campaign means I got some of these berries free #TriedItFree


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