Gluten Free biscuits by DS

I’ve been trying lots of FREE FROM Products of late and decided to try the biscuit range from DS. Most large supermarkets stock the custard creams, bourbon and rich tea packets. I like the packaging on these products, boxed for added crush protection then plastic wrapped in 2s (creams) and 6s (rich tea). I’m not usually a fan of excess packaging but this is really handy if you don’t intend to eat a whole packet in one go to stop them going stale.

My favourite by far was the rich tea, they reminded me of the old Marie style biscuit, nice and sweet with a crunchy shortbread texture. Next up the bourbons, these were VERY chocolately in taste which I thought was a good thing as I didn’t have to eat more than two at a time to satisfy my chocolate fix. The custard creams were my least favourite but they are my least favourite biscuit anyway, but again they were nice and crunchy.

Price wise, as is the norm for all specialist foods, they are more expensive than normal biscuits but no more so than you’d expect, and worth the extra to treat yourself. Since buying I’ve found out that DS are offering a FREE printable £2 coupon when you sign up to their newsletter


One thought on “Gluten Free biscuits by DS

  1. Caroline Downes March 24, 2015 / 1:03 pm

    The Digestives are good but it is annoying when you go out and a supermarket doesn’t have any on the shelf. When have you ever been into a supermarket and not seen McVities digestives. Cooking for a Coeliac means always thinking ahead


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