Suck ’em and see – Collective Dairy Pouches

Today I thought I’d spread the news of the wonderful invention of #yogurt in pouches. I tried #Suckies from The collective dairy​ for the first time. I had been drawn to their products by the fun packaging and decided to try the suckie pouches, not only for the convenience of being able to put them into lunchboxes without the mess of ripped tube type yogurts, or losing spoons with normal pot yogurts, but also because of the “no pips or bits allowed”. Admittedly these are aimed at children but I like my yogurts smooth and with “no added nasties” I think you’re looking at a healthier option anyway.  I tried the Sassy Strawberry and Peach and Apricot but there were others available. Both were very flavoursome and a filling 100g in weight which was a pretty ideal size. I’ve had them as breakfast on the way to work as the pouch makes them so easy and mess free to eat. Certainly a big thumbs up from me, and good for kids lunchboxes too. These can also be frozen so will make a great healthy alternative to  ice creams and lollies in the #Summer. Suitable for #Vegetarians and #GlutenFree.


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