About Us

We are a family team 4 generations – a husband and wife with young adult and teenager children, grandparents and now a new generation too.

Whenever we are considering a new purchase of any kind we always read online reviews and take into account recommendations of others before spending out. We in turn like to spread the word about things we enjoy. So it is our intention to write about products we’ve bought, places we’ve been to and services we’ve used and enjoyed. We will also share some of the recipes that we’ve used or derived from using the products reviewed.

We have varied interests between us but some of those include home making, DIY, gardening, baking, food and drink, a variety of sports, gym, beauty and personal care, fashion, computing and gaming, gadgets, going out, staying in, holidays, tattoos, art, music, films, fancy dress, upcycling, pets, and the new family members.

Now that we’ve been blogging for a while we have found a style that suits us and our readers. All the latest reviews will have a purchase link, price and photos wherever possible, but please always do your own price search as you may find it at a reduced price elsewhere. Reviews are now linked to our Facebook Page too.

Some of the products that we review have been received free of charge or at a discounted rate (if via a review site) but we still give an honest opinion and only publish reviews to our blog of things that we are happy to recommend. When we come across products that are lacking or inferior, we give structured feedback to the supplier or manufacturer only.

We are, or have been, members of the following Review Panels: Talk Health, Surcare Panel, Boots, Phillips, Senses Club, Bzz Agent, Tesco Home Panels, Tesco Orchard, SuperSavvyMe, TRND, Review Box, The Insiders, Home Tester Club, AMZ Reviews, Vipon and TryBe .

Thanks for reading.




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